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September Festival Workshops

Try something new and exciting this festival!

Friday 15th September

3pm - 5pm Introduction to Aerial Arts


Tuesday 19th September

5pm - 6.30pm Balance Workshop

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm Movement Meditation


Adults Introduction to Aerial Arts

Friday 15th September

3pm - 5pm

The Island Centre


Always wanted to run away with the circus? Now is your chance! - Learn to get safely into the air and explore the basics of static trapeze, dance trapeze, silks  and hoop. Hang upside down, learn a few tricks and sequences, and gain in confidence in the air. We include some basic mindfulness exercises in our classes for some grounding and awareness before going into the air. By combining elements of aerial circus, mindfulness, pilates and yoga this workshop will take your world to new heights.


Although no experience is necessary participants must be be physically fit to take part.

The minimum age for our adults workshops is 15 years old.


Please contact Tree Stewart if you have any questions regarding this booking



In Search of Balance - A workshop of play and exploration in balancing

Tuesday 19th September

5pm - 6.30pm 



Balance [uncountable, singular] 

"a situation in which different things exist in equal, correct or good amounts" 


Did you know that the ability to comfortably balance on one leg for 10 seconds, has correlated with a lessened risk of falls and health issues in later life? 


Come and find your balance with Sky High Arts. In this class we will find our centre point and explore the fun and enjoyment in moving away from it. 


Beginning with ground-based balance exercises, wobble-board, balances on exercise ball, and the rola bola, we will explore the 'core' and the micro adjustments needed to maintain a state of balance. 

For the more daring, we will then explore the fear that comes with moving away from our solid footing by playing in the air on slack rope and aerial equipment. Here we will learn how to extend the principles of balance to incorporate external moving parts. 


This workshop explores how through playing with our solid boundaries and tilting-points we can maintain a state of balance in day to day life. 


Suitable for all levels, this class will have something for everyone.


Please contact Pema Bradley-Peer if you have any questions regarding booking


Movement Meditation 

A fun and creative exploration for body and mind.

Tuesday 19th September

7pm - 8pm



Always wanted to meditate but find it hard to sit still?

Want to move your body but don’t have the confidence or know how?

Already meditate and want to take your meditations to a new level?

Struggle to stretch/exercise at home without guidance or structure?


Come and join Sky High Arts for a workshop creatively combining mindfulness meditation with mindful movement. Taking the main elements of mindfulness: the bodyscan, breathing meditation, sound awareness and walking meditation, and mixing in elements of dance, yoga, movement and pilates we will explore space, body awareness, motion and sound.


This session will be run by 3 teachers from Sky High Arts. Lead teacher, Tree Stewart, started studying Mindfulness in 2010 with Mindfullybeing and has completed both MBSR and MBCT and numerous follow-on courses including ‘How to sustain a Mindfulness Practise’, ‘Teaching Mindfulness’ and ‘The Mindfulness of Dreams’. More recently she has completed the British Mindfulness Academies 'Mindfulness for Professionals' and 'Teaching Mindfulness in Schools' courses. Pema Bradley-Peer and Izzy Wheatley have been a part of Sky High Arts for 7 and 5 years respectively, practising combining mindfulness with movement in their circus teaching, practise and daily life.


Sky High Arts team all have a background in meditation, circus, dance and arts. Their passion for sharing Mindfulness and combining it with the arts makes meditation and movement more fun, creative and accessible. 


No experience of meditation or movement necessary for participation.


Please contact Tree Stewart if you have any questions regarding booking


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